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What is ThriveCart Pro?

A ThriveCart Pro account gives you powerful upgrades to help boost your business even further on top of the power of a standard ThriveCart account.

The Pro account gives you 7 powerful upgrades to your account, let’s cover exactly what they are:

  1. A powerful affiliate centre
  2. JV contract & revenue sharing
  3. Powerful business projections
  4. Multi-user & client use permission
  5. Built-in sale tax calculation & reporting
  6. Built-in dunning & subscription saver functionality
  7. Custom domain name functionality

As you can see, a Pro account gives you massive value and it boosts the already powerful set of features a ThriveCart account gives you.

If you have any questions about ThriveCart Pro, you can reach out directly to the support team.

Updated on April 4, 2022

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