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What are JV Contracts & Revenue sharing

JV Contracts and revenue sharing is a whole independent method of splitting sales revenue with 1 or more people, separate from affiliate commissions.

If you have a JV Contract with a partner and affiliates promoting your product, then your affiliates will earn their commission from the sale amount first, then you and your partner will share the remaining revenue based on the percentages outlined in the contract.

Let’s look at an example:

Yourself and your partner Lucas have been working on a membership platform together, you’re both bring skills to the table and you have your own roles in the launch of the site and the duties that follow.

In this scenario, you have decided to evenly share the revenue evenly, so you create a contract in your account to pay Lucas 50% on all sales and recurring revenue for this product.

You’re selling the product for $200, so both of you will earn $100* when a sale is made. The sale is tracked and Lucas can view all the data from his own dashboard.

Now let’s say you have affiliates also promoting. You’re offering affiliates 30% commissions for promoting your new membership site.

So now your customer pays $200, your affiliate earns $60 leaving you and Lucas $140 to share 50:50, so that’s $70* each.

ThriveCart allows you to easily set your contracts to automatically pay your partner(s) through PayPal OR allow you to manually pay them via a 3rd party and simply marked them as being paid within the system.

*amounts are before payment processor fees.

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Updated on April 4, 2022

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