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Using a custom domain for your account

This feature is available for users on ThriveCart Pro

ThriveCart supports the use of CNAME on your account. This allows you to replace your domain with a subdomain and domain that you own.

For example, your account and subdomain are acme.thrivecart.com.

Your checkout URLs typically look like:

Using a custom domain you can change this to something like:

We’ve made the process as simple as possible for you and will walk you through each step via instructions within your dashboard.

Getting started

Head to your Settings > Account-wide settings area.

Then click Custom domain name.

You can then go through the steps to your enable a custom domain for your ThriveCart checkout pages.

During the set up you will be given the instructions to use the domain alias.thrivecart.com for your CNAME records. This is the exact domain you need to use. Do not use your own ThriveCart domain for your CNAME records.


  1. Why is this greyed out? I can’t access it.
    You need to be on ThriveCart Pro in order to have access to the Custom domain settings. You can upgrade your account right within your dashboard.
  2. Can I set up multiple custom domains?
    Each ThriveCart license provides a single domain/account. A custom domain name replaces this so you can use your own custom domain name.
    It doesn’t provide additional domains.
  3. If I enable CNAME will my existing carts still work?
    Yes, any existing links using your standard ThriveCart checkout URLs will continue load and work as normal. This includes single products and checkouts with funnels (upsells/downsells). Your embed codes are not affected as they refer to your ThriveCart account domain
  4. I’ve enabled CNAME but I get an error when going to a checkout
    Sounds like something is not set up correctly, or you’re using Cloudflare and routing traffic through them (remember, you need to disable routing traffic through Cloudflare). If you’re still having issues reach out to us in support and we can assist further.
  5. What URLs are changed by this?
    Great question! When you enable CNAME the following areas of your account can run through your custom domain:
    – Your checkout URL
    – Your customer hub URL

If you have any other questions, please contact the team directly and we’ll be happy to help.

Updated on April 4, 2022

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