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Creating client & user logins

This is a feature reserved for users on ThriveCart Pro

Please note, in a recent UI update the ‘manage’ menu item reference in this video is no longer in this position. To access the ‘users’ area you need to click the drop down menu top right of your dashboard.

In the video above we look at user logins for your ThriveCart account. You can use these logins for your clients or for other users within your business.

Remember you can edit users at anytime to update their permissions or access.

Below is an outline of each area.

Basic Info

Contact Details

This area is used for entering your user/client details. Their name and email address. Their physical address here will be used in digital sales tax calculations if enabled on their products. Your user/client can update these details at any time from within their profile area.


App Permissions


Create edit and delete coupons: This allows users to view, edit and delete account wide coupons. When creating coupons they have the ability to use it for all products or only selected products

View coupons and copy codes: Users will be able to view coupons account wide but only be able to copy the URL or view the coupon codes and not be able to edit or create new coupons.


Add/edit account-wide settings: This gives your user the ability to edit account-wide settings, such as integrations, and webhooks. This is useful if you have staff members that need access to these. For clients, you will be managing their account so you (or your staff) will be connecting their services for them. You may (if wanted) temporarily give them access whilst on a call so they can connect their services themselves and then revoke this access once that’s been done.


Access customer details and perform refunds etc: Gives the user restricted access to customer details. They are required to enter search details in order to locate/view customers. They are not able to view customers without entering details to search. Gives them the ability to manage subscriptions and perform refunds. Only lets them view customers for products that they are granted access to.

Browse through all customers: This gives the user the ability to view customers in the transactions area without needing to enter search details. Again this only shows customers for the products the user is granted access to. Combo it with the above option to give clients full access to all their customers and the ability to manage them based on the products they have been granted access to.

View live statistics and financial data: This gives your user the ability to look at the stats for the products they have been granted access to. They can also run sales tax reports on the products they have been granted access to.


Manage user accounts: Gives the user the ability to create new users, or edit other users. They cannot edit or delete the account owner (the main account holder). They cannot edit their own privileges either. If a user creates a new account then the account owner will also receive an email will receive notification of this.


Product Access

Delete: Enabling this option gives the user the ability to delete products, upsells or downsells that they have access to.

Edit Settings: Enabling this option gives the user the ability to edit the settings of products, upsells or downsells that they have access to.

Grant Access To: Here we can give the user access to ALL products in your account, or we can assign already created products to them by choosing from the list.

Please note that at this time access to the affiliate platform & JV Contracts is not available to sub-users. Whilst you can set up affiliate promotion on products, the ability to view the affiliate backend will need to be managed by yourself. 

Updated on June 1, 2019

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