Kunaki integration

Please note that this video is taken from the Kunaki Integration page under Settings > Integrations > Fulfilment Services Kunaki is a great service to help fulfil DVD and CD based products to your customers.

Integrating with Kajabi via Zapier

  In this training video, we’re going to look at connecting with Kajabi so we can provide access to offers for our customers as they go through the checkout with ThriveCart. You’re going to learn how to provide access to an offer on purchase, and how to revoke access if […]

Creating your first zap

If you’re looking to create a Zap using ThriveCart and Zapier, you may notice when you search Zapier you’re not able to find the ThriveCart Zapier App. This is because the app is currently in a private beta and isn’t available publicly on the Zapier platform (but will be soon). […]

Recover your lost sales from cart abandonment

Cart abandonment can be a big problem for your business. In this video, we look at the built-in rule feature of ThriveCart so that you can recover lost sales from users who abandon your checkout. Giving you the opportunity to automatically follow up with them via your autoresponder.

Zapier – Stuck on testing step?

When creating your Zap for ThriveCart the final step of creating your trigger is to test the ThriveCart trigger you’ve set. You’re presented with the blue ‘connect and continue button which when clicked takes you to a screen that says ‘looking for the product, this might take a sec’. You […]

Enabling a product for affiliate promotion

You’ve created your product and now you want the power of affiliates to drive traffic and help sell your product.  In return, you want to reward those affiliates with commissions for all the new customers they bring you. ThriveCart has a powerful affiliate system built directly into the platform, making […]