Setting up 2nd-tier affiliates

ThriveCart’s affiliate platform proudly offers you the ability to create 2nd-tier affiliates. In case you don’t know what 2nd-tier affiliates are, it’s essentially the ability to reward an affiliate for bringing more affiliates on to promote your product. It’s great to reward ‘team leaders’ or if you have an affiliate […]

Requesting W9 & W8-BEN forms from affiliates

What is a W8-BEN and W9 Form? The W8-BEN and W9 forms are typically for USA based Vendors, who are usually required to collect the W9 forms from their national affiliates and W8-BEN forms from their International affiliates. If you’re not an American based company then generally you don’t need […]

How do affiliates connect their PayPal account?

After your affiliates have signed up to promote your product and earn some great commissions, they may be wondering how they can connect their PayPal account so they can get paid. Let’s take a look from your affiliates perspective on connecting their PayPal account to their ThriveCart affiliate account. First, […]

Using HTML autoresponder

In this article, we’ll take a look at using HTML forms provided to you by your autoresponder that can be submitted for various triggers. This is perfect for those who use an autoresponder not currently integrated with ThriveCart, or for users who only have access to HTML forms. You can […]