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Facebook domain verification


It was understood from the available Facebook documentation that verifying your ThriveCart subdomain would be enough for you to continue receiving events into Facebook. However, with the very fluid changes around Facebook’s response to Apple’s iOS updates around user data privacy, it appears that this is not enough to track these events and effectively run ads.

Further documentation now confirms that you will need to have a custom domain set up for your account (abc.yourdomain.com) so that you can verify the root domain (yourdomain.com) with Facebook. By verifying your root domain Facebook will track events on the subdomain and allow you to use these events in your ads.

Thankfully, ThriveCart has this functionality available within accounts and a custom domain has been a feature of the Pro/Client License for years and if you’re not a Pro/Client license holder, you can upgrade your account from your Settings > Account-wide settings > Custom domain to unlock and get access to this functionality.

The information below, will not track events into Facebook – you have to have a custom domain. It could still be beneficial for any possible future changes with Facebook where they look to support domains on 3rd-parties.

With the recent release of Apple’s iOS14 update with security and privacy tracking, you may find you need to verify your ThriveCart subdomain with Facebook in order to run ads and track events.

Verify your ThriveCart domain can be achieved by following the following few steps:

Step 1 – Add your domain to Facebook.

Head over to Facebook Business account domain safety area

If you’ve not already got any domains added in here, you can click the add button in the middle of the screen, alternative, if you have existing domains verified with Facebook, there is an add button above the list of domains

You then need to enter your ThriveCart domain (without https://). This is what’s shown at the start of one of your checkout URLs – eg: youraccount.thrivecart.com

After clicking Add Domain, you’ll likely find that nothing appears to happen (Facebook is rather buggy here). You’ll likely need to refresh your browser and then you’ll see the domain in your list.

Facebook will give you 3 options for verifying your domain, the option you’re going to want to select is ‘Meta-tag Verification’.

Under this section is a snippet of code you’ll want to add into your ThriveCart account.

Step 2 – Adding the Meta-tag to your ThriveCart domain.

You can add the Meta-tag code to your ThriveCart dashboard by heading to your Settings > Account-wide Settings > Facebook domain verification area.

Once you’ve added the Meta-tag code to this area, you’ll have confirmation (you can add multiple Meta-tags as needed if you have different Businesses/Pixels in Facebook using the same subdomain).

Step 3 – Finalise verification on Facebook.

Head back to Facebook, and at the bottom of the Meta-tag verification tab we just copied the code from, is a green Verify button.

Clicking that will now verify your domain.

Again, you’ll likely need to refresh your browser window due to Facebook not automatically loading things correctly on their end, but once done, you’ll see that the domain has been verified by the green dot next to the domain.

You’ve now successfully verified your ThriveCart subdomain within your Facebook business account.

You may also be interested in the helpdesk article on Aggregated Event Measurement in Facebook (for iOS14 devices)

Updated on April 15, 2021

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