Using custom HTML to trigger your pop-up checkout

With our standard hosted checkouts you simply provide a link for your customers to visit to complete their purchase. However, if you’re using one of our pop-up checkout templates you can either use the built-in option to customise a button, upload your own image, or use custom HTML to trigger the […]

Prevent caching the coupon on a product

When a customer enters a valid coupon for your product or accesses your product from the coupon URL (which contains the coupon directly in the URL and applies it automatically), we persist this coupon for them. This means that if they refresh the page, or click the back button and […]

Pre-fill your checkout fields

If you already have the customer details – for example, their name, email address, shipping info etc – and would like to pre-fill those fields on the cart so that they do not have to re-enter them, you can do so by providing particularly named pass through variables (see this […]

Passing custom variables through the checkout

If you are using the default success URL option, or the “custom” setting if your product has an upsell flow attached to it, ThriveCart will return information about the order to that page via query string variables. In addition to this, you can also pass through your own custom variables […]

Using the “custom” fulfilment option for upsells

When you create an upsell funnel for a product, you have 3 options for how to deliver the products to your customer – you can: provide one success URL for each product the customer purchased (default) integrate with a membership platform to register your customers to a set of levels […]

Stripe – Why are my subscriptions showing as ‘trialing’?

ThriveCart offers you some pretty advanced subscription features for your products. Including the ability to set up free and paid trials along with different initial payments (such as set up fees). Because of these features, your subscriptions in Stripe may appear a little different than you’re used to when they […]

How can I change my account name/subdomain?

When creating your ThriveCart account, you would have chosen an account name to use. This account name makes up part of the URL for your carts and is your ThriveCart subdomain. All requests for changing your subdomain need to come through to They must be sent directly from your […]

PayPal – Unable to process payment message

When testing your PayPal checkout with a live transaction you may come across a message that says “We aren’t able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time. Please go back to merchant and try using a different payment method.” You might be inclined to think that […]

Tracking with Google Analytics

In this article, we look at using Google Analytics for tracking your customer information and (optionally) reporting purchase information back to your Google Analytics account. There are 2 types of code GA may have provided you: gtag.js (Google’s current code) analytics.js (Google’s historic code) We’ll break this article up into […]

Facebook pixel tracking

In this video, we take a look at using the Facebook tracking pixel to track your checkout and conversions. Please note that the location of the ‘scripts’ area has moved to Customers > Tracking under your product settings as per this screenshot.   Basic tracking To install a Facebook Pixel, […]