– Enable subscriptions/split-pay

When using as a payment processor and want to offer subscriptions or split-pay products/services to your customers, you may need to enable “Automatic Recurring Billing” (ARB) in your account.

This may or may not be already activated, but it is required to set up subscriptions in your account.

To sign up for the Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB) service follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Merchant Profile on the main left side menu.
  3. Click Sign Up next to Automated Recurring Billing. The Automated Recurring Billing Service Addendum page appears.
  4. Click the checkbox labelled “I have read and understand the Terms of Service.”
  5. Click I Agree.

You can refer to the help article directly here for further information.

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