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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA/PSD2)

ThriveCart has been fully compliant with SCA/PSD2 regulations since before it was initially introduced in September 2019. From January 2021, further enforcement of these regulations has been imposed from banks and card issuers across the EU.

Starting from September 14th 2019, there was new regulation coming into effect for European customers which will impact online sales and payment processing – Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), part of the new PSD2 regulations.

The goal of these regulations is to reduce the amount of fraud committed online by requiring consumers to verify their payments at the point of transaction, normally using their mobile phone or banking app to provide a pin – much like most 2-Factor Authentication services.

You can find our initial release documentation directly at our blog here.

If you’re an Authorize.net user, we also have a separate post for Authorize.net here.

Updated on April 4, 2022

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