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BNPL – AfterPay, Klarna, & Affirm

As part of ThriveCart’s Enhanced Payments update, several BNPL payment methods may be available to vendors and their customers when using Stripe as a payment processor on your product.

BNPL payment methods such as AfterPay, Klarna, and Affirm allow your customers to purchase one-time payment products using interest-free instalments, whilst you as the vendor receive all the revenue upfront – no more following up and fighting to recover missing payments.

This gives your business access to funds immediately, and your customer pays the finance company they have an account with. Giving your customers more options to pay, helps increase your conversions by removing any barriers to purchase.

Enabling BNPL on your checkout

You’ll need to ensure you have Stripe Enhanced selected within your product settings, see our article on enhanced payments to enable this.

The BNPL options can be individually enabled disabled in your Stripe account directly under your Settings > Payment Methods area. If you don’t see these options available on your checkout page, be sure to check this area in your Stripe account.

Showing BNPL breakdowns in your pricing options

In addition to showing the payment options for customers to choose from, you can also enable a breakdown of pricing in pricing options (if you have multiple pricing options).

By clicking on the pricing options element in the checkout editor, in the left-hand menu, you can enable BNPL to show within the pricing option itself.

BNPL Requirements

To be eligible in offering BNPL options on your checkout pages your Stripe account has to be registered in compatible countries, you have to be selling in compatible currencies (normally the currency of your Stripe account) and your customer has to be in a support country (normally the same as yours, due to specific BNPL method not support cross-border payments.

Note that BNPL are not available on subscriptions, including one-time payments with a free trial (essentially whenever there is a future payment)

Stripe have a great article on BNPL support here.

But in short, here’s a summary of details;

Supported Countries

Afterpay/Clearpay – Australia, Canada, France, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, UK, US.

Affirm – Canada, US.

Klarna – Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK, US.

Transaction Limits

Afterpay/Clearpay – $1 minimum; $1k – $4k maximum or local equivalent (varies by geo).

Affirm – $50 minimum; $30,000 maximum.

Klarna – $10 minimum or local equivalent. $5,000+ for financing possible; maximum varies by customer.


01. Does BNPL affect upsells?

No they do not! You can set up funnels in ThriveCart where a BNPL option is offered on your front-end (or within the funnel). If the customer is presented an offer that is not supported by a BNPL method (such as a subscription) the customer can look to use a new payment method (such as a card payment, or Apple/Google Pay on compatible devices).

Customers can now continue to use the same payment method throughout the funnel, or change payment method for different products within the funnel.

02. Can I turn off BNPL on specific products?

Yes, you can turn off Stripe enhanced payments on your product funnel by simply choosing to use the legacy Stripe integration option under your product’s Processor tab.

By using the legacy option, your customers will only be able to complete payments via their debit/credit cards (and Apple/Google Pay if enabled).

Remember though, Stripe enhanced payments adds more than just BNPL options, it adds support for a whole range of additional payment methods where possible such as iDeal, SEPA, AliPay, SOFORT, BanContact, etc

03. When do I receive payment from customers using BNPL

Instead of having to wait for each rebill in a payment plan, you get paid upfront by the BNPL provider and the customer makes recurring payments to them instead.

This means you don’t have to worry about chasing up customers who may fall behind in payments.

For refunds, you won’t be refunding the customer directly, rather the BNPL service is refunded and they stop payments/refund the customer for any payments already made.

04. What are the transaction fees for using a BNPL service

This may vary region to region and from Stripe account to Stripe account. For the most accurate information on transaction fees for these services, we recommend you check within your Stripe account directly to speak to Stripe support for more.

05. My Stripe account is in a support country, but the BNPL methods aren’t showing on my checkout

Factors like your Stripe account’s registered country, the currency you’re selling in, and the location of your customer (and payment type) will impact whether or not a BNPL option will show on your checkout.

We’d recommend first checking the payment method is enabled in your Stripe account (Settings > Payment methods) and then checking things like the currency of your product matches your local Stripe account currency and the customer is in the same country. You can confirm with Stripe support directly with specific scenarios as to if a BNPL option should be available.

Updated on July 12, 2023

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