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Welcome to the Klaviyo Beta Program

The following information is for users of the private Klaviyo beta program. If you’re interested in getting access to Klaviyo within your ThriveCart account, please submit your request here.

Welcome to ThriveCart’s private Klaviyo integration beta page. You’re seeing this page as you’re interested in using Klaviyo with your ThriveCart account and have been accepted into our early access program where you’re able to use and test this integration with ThriveCart.

For questions, help, or feedback on this specific Klaviyo integration, these can be sent to klaviyobeta@thrivecart.com

General ThriveCart support will still need to be sent to our official support channel on support@thrivecart.com

Summary of contents;

What the integration includes;

Using ThriveCart’s integration with Klaviyo you can easily manage contacts for a wide number of triggers with

  • Add to List
  • Remove from List
  • Capture server-side events: Placed Order, Ordered Product, Cancelled Order, and Refunded Order and pass event information to the Klaviyo Application (these will occur when order tracking is enabled and not trigger based).

For data that is passed through to Klaviyo, we currently passthrough the following;

  • Customer name
  • Customer address
  • Business name
  • Phone number (note: this is created as custom field as Klaviyo’s default phone number field only accepts US phone numbers in E.164 format).
  • Custom fields
  • Customer IP address
  • Product/order data (if order tracking enabled)

What the integration does not include;

  • Client-side events (active on-site tracking and the viewed-item events).

How to integrate Klaviyo to your ThriveCart account;

01. Under your Settings > Integrations > Klaviyo area in your ThriveCart dashboard, you will be required to enter a Private API key available from your Klaviyo dashboard.

02. You can obtain your Private API Key from Klaviyo from their Settings > Account > API Keys (clicking here should take you to the appropriate area in your Klaviyo account)

03. When creating your private key, you’ll want to give it a name; something so you can identify what application it relates to. We recommend calling it ‘ThriveCart’.

04. You’ll then want to ensure you select full access for every API scope.

05. Klaviyo will then provide you with a copy of the Private API key and you can copy and paste this into the field within your ThriveCart account under your Settings > Integrations > Klaviyo area.

06. Once integrated, ThriveCart will confirm the integration and give you the option to enable order tracking.

Order tracking can help you use data fro reporting and marketing purposes, as well as triggering workflows and rules in Klaviyo based on the purchase information.

Adding contacts to Klaviyo (behaviour rules);

Adding customers to your Klaviyo lists is available under all areas where behaviour rules exist. This includes your product settings, upsells, downsells, coupons, your affiliate rules, JV rules, and your course rules in Learn.

You can find out general helpdesk documentation on adding customers to your autoresponder here (the process is not different for Klaviyo).

For example, see below an rule set up to add details of customer who purchase your main product and they’ll be added to the list ‘Customers’ in Klaviyo.