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Unable to verify custom upsell code

Are you trying to set up a custom upsell, and getting an error that the code can’t be verified? Check these things to rule out the most common causes of this problem!

Is your page fully published and set to public? ThriveCart will check the page and needs to be able to read the code on the page, so it must be publicly viewable!

(Tip: a good way to verify this is to try going to the URL in a new private browsing/incognito mode window – if you see the ThriveCart logo and a message about the link not containing an order, you should be able to verify that code!)

Try temporarily disabling any caching or ‘minification’ plugins – some common examples are W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and WPCache. These plugins often ‘minify’ the code on your page to try and make it load faster, but this can interfere with the code and cause problems. If you disable these and the code is able to be verified, make sure to thoroughly check your funnel in test mode before sending live traffic!

(Note: sometimes, themes can include a caching option as well, so we strongly advise checking through the theme’s settings or control panel to see if this is enabled!)

If you’re using WP Rocket, you can specifically tell it not to modify ThriveCart’s embed code.
Follow the instructions on WP Rocket’s site to exclude the following URL: https://tinder.thrivecart.com/embed/v1/thrivecart.upsells.js

Updated on April 4, 2022

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