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I cannot find a PayPal customer or their order

If you’ve got a payment in your PayPal account that doesn’t match a customer or email in your ThriveCart account – don’t panic, this can be totally normal as your customer may have used a PayPal account under different details.

For example, it’s not uncommon for a customer to have a PayPal account under a different email address (for security) or for families to share PayPal accounts.

If you have a payment in your PayPal account that you match with a customer in ThriveCart by the name or email, then you can simply copy the Transaction ID from your PayPal account, head over to your transactions area in ThriveCart and enter the transaction ID there.

This will search your ThriveCart orders for the related (and matching) order based on the information they entered at your checkout.

1. Take the PayPal transaction ID

You can click the payment in your PayPal account to get the transaction ID from the top of the page.

2. Search for the transaction ID in ThriveCart

After entering the PayPal transaction ID in your transactions area in ThriveCart, make sure you’ve got the right currency selected and you’ve set the time period to ‘All time’. Then click Search. You’ll be shown the related customer’s transaction in ThriveCart.

This also works when you have a transaction in ThriveCart that was processed by PayPal and you can’t find the customers related payment in your PayPal account.

Simply click the ‘Download CSV’ button bottom-left of your transactions area and from the downloaded CSV navigate to the transaction ID column at the end and you can then take that transaction ID and search PayPal.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the fast and friendly support team here. Don’t forget to include specifics like a copy/paste of the PayPal transaction ID and screenshots from PayPal so that they can help as quickly as possible.

Updated on April 4, 2022

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