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Does changing my product price affect existing subscriptions

ThriveCart lets you adjust the pricing of your products at any time, even after they are being sold.

A frequently asked question we get in support around subscription payments is;

What happens to my existing subscribers if I change my products subscription price?

The short answer is; they stay paying the same price.

With other platforms, changing your products price often affects your existing subscriptions, or the ability to even edit the price is disabled. This is because these platforms typically own and manage the subscription for you.

When your customer purchases through ThriveCart, their subscription is set up directly with your payment processor at the time of the transaction.

ThriveCart creates the subscriptions directly with your payment processor so that you personally own the subscription. This means you are not reliant on your cart to process the recurring payments. Further, this means that should you ever decide to stop using ThriveCart, you will still retain your recurring revenue. With other platforms, when you stop using their service, your recurring revenue also stops. They effectively ‘hold you hostage‘.

So, editing your price of your products in ThriveCart will only affect new customers and people purchasing from that point forward. Your existing customers and their subscription payments will be unaffected and will remain at the price they have previously agreed to.


If you have your product set to send recurring invoices on your customer payments (an optional setting you need to enable), then these receipt will order details based on the product settings at the time of the customers original order.

Updated on August 30, 2022

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