Wishlist Member – Integration setup

This video walks you through integrating with your Wishlist Membership site. Please note that the fields it references related to the fields beneath this video in your Settings > Integrations > Membership Platforms > Wishlist area.


Levels not loading in fulfilment tab – 99.9% of the time this is due to not having the right URL in your integration settings. If you website is running SSL (https) then the start of your website in the integration settings will need to include https:// else the levels will not load under your product settings.

WordPress site URL – This is the URL for your website where Wishlist is installed. It might be your domain name, it might be a subdomain, or it might be in a sub folder. It’s typically your website. In some cases, if your integration will not save or your Wishlist levels cannot be found, you may need to put www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin/ 

If you have any issues integrating with your membership site please feel free to contact us directly on support@thrivecart.com with your details and we will assist you.

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