MemberPress – Integration setup

This video walks you through integrating MemberPress with ThriveCart. Please note that any reference to fields beneath this video is relating to the fields on the integration page in your dashboard. This can be found under Settings > Integrations > Membership Platforms > MemberPress.


  • You will be required to run WordPress 4.7 or newer
  • You will require the Application Passwords WordPress plugin to be installed
  • You will need to install the developer edition of MemberPress (now known as MemberPress Plus)

If you have any issues integrating with your membership site please feel free to contact the support team directly with your details and we can assist you.

MemberPress not authenticating?

Are you trying to integrate your MemberPress site to ThriveCart but the integration is not authenticating?

It’s highly likely that the WordPress plugin Application Passwords has not been set up correctly.

When going to your WordPress user profile to create your password for ThriveCart to integrate with MemberPress, you will be scrolling down until you come to the Application Passwords section. Here if you see a red warning as shown in the picture below, this will be the reason for the authentication error.

Some servers will require you to make a small modification to your .htaccess file so that the Application Passwords plugin works correctly. There is a link to a guide in the warning that shows you what you need to do.

ThriveCart will not be held responsible for any issues setting up 3rd party plugins. You may wish to speak to your hosting company if you are not confident in editing your .htaccess file. 

If you still have issues integrating ThriveCart with your MemberPress site, then please contact the support team directly with details.

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