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Membership integration troubleshooting

When integrating with 3rd-party platforms, there is always a possibility that something from outside of ThriveCart may impact the integration. A plugin update, change of site URL, firewall, etc, could all potentially have an impact on your membership integration.

Below we look at the most common membership integration issues we see in support, and the reasons and resolutions

1. Levels cannot be loaded error 

This is the most common error and appears when you create or edit a product. You’ll see a popup top right of your browser letting you know that your membership levels cannot be loaded.

This essentially means that we’re not able to communicate with your membership site.

The most common reasons for this are:

  • It’s an old integration and the integration details are no longer valid. The site has been deleted, but the integration remains in your ThriveCart settings. Solution: either update or remove the integration.
  • You’ve set up an SSL certificate on your site (where previously you didn’t have one). Solution: update your integration settings to reflect the new https:// URL.
  • You have no membership levels in your membership site. Often the case on a new setup or where you’ve deleted all the levels on an existing older site. Solution: make sure you have at least 1 membership level on your site.

2. Customers not getting welcome emails (login details)

Another common question we get is where customers are not getting an email with their login details. This is much more common with WordPress hosted membership platforms.

Reasons for users not getting their login details from your website include:

  • They’re already an existing user on your site. Most membership platforms don’t send out login details to existing users, only for new users.
  • Your WordPress host is blacklisted and emails are getting marked as spam. A very common reason for shared hosting setups where the server you’re hosted on is blacklisted. You can ask your host to change servers, but it’s usually better to install and set up an SMTP plugin for your site to bypass the server sending mail.
  • Your hosting company has disabled WordPress mail. Typically due to the above reason, talking to your host and/or installing an SMTP plugin to resolve this.

3. Users not getting added to your membership site

Remember, ThriveCart has a test mode for your checkouts allowing to run through things and test your integrations before taking live payments.

In this scenario, there are a number of reasons to why this can occur and it’s always best to reach out to the support team directly and include an example order or 2 where the user wasn’t added. The team can review the order logs and see what happened when sending data to your site.

It can also relate to the following

  • You’ve set up or added a firewall/security plugin that is actively blocking the requests from ThriveCart
  • Your integration settings aren’t 100% correct – always a good idea to double-check these.
Updated on April 4, 2022

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