Stripe – Why are my subscriptions showing as ‘trialing’?

ThriveCart offers you some pretty advanced subscription features for your products. Including the ability to set up free and paid trials along with different initial payments (such as set up fees).

Because of these features, your subscriptions in Stripe may appear a little different than you’re used to when they are first created.

This subscription is a $37/mo subscription. But it’s showing as trialling in Stripe, why?

I just want to confirm that you don’t need to worry, this is completely normal.

When processing transactions the initial payment on a subscription is taken as a ‘payment’ from the customer.

This is done for a few technical reasons, which allow us to provide certain features to you within the platform.

If you visit a customer’s profile in Stripe you will see that they have a payment for the initial payment and then the subscription is set to start when the next payment is due.

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