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MemberMouse – Setting up products

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When connecting to MemberMouse, ThriveCart will apply your customers to a Membership Level.

When going through the checkout process, the product your customer purchases will be the level your customer is applied to.

Main Product < Bump Offer < Upsell

This means if you have Level A for main product, Level B for the bump, and Level C for your upsell. What ever the customer purchases last in your cart sequence will be the level they are applied to in MemeberMouse.

(If your customer buys the main product and the bump – they will only be applied to the bump offer level).

We believe we’ve come up with the best way to setup your products with MemberMouse, using the following 4 step process:

  1. Create a bundle in MM, one bundle per product in ThriveCart (product, bump, upsell / downsell etc)
  2. Create your membership content and lock it down by bundle rather than level (in the grant access area)
  3. Create FREE levels which give access to these bundles; a level can grant access to multiple bundles
  4. Assign these levels within ThriveCarts fulfilment area.
Updated on June 19, 2023

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