Google Sheets Integration

This video is taken directly from our integration page within the platform. Some of the steps mentioned will be specific to where this video originally shows within your dashboard.

You can integrate with your Google Sheets account under your Settings > Integrations > Google sheets area.

In the video above, we look at how you can connect your Google account to ThriveCart so that you can automatically send customer information to a Google Sheet.

Once integrated you can easily pass customer information based on a whole range of behaviour rules through to a spreadsheet (such as cart abandonment, purchase, refund, subscription-related triggers, and more).

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to create a rule that passes information to your Google Sheets document.

By default, we’ll send all of the information below to the Sheets document. However, by checking the relevant boxes you can prevent certain groups of data from being sent. This is helpful if you want to provide information to 3rd parties, but maybe not everything (such as the pricing the customer paid).

Checking the boxes in the rules EXCLUDES the data.

When you exclude shipping information, the following columns are not populated in the Google Sheets data

  • shipping_amount
  • shipping_provider
  • shipping_label
  • shipping_address_street
  • shipping_address_city
  • shipping_address_zip
  • shipping_address_country
  • shipping_address_state

When pricing is excluded the following columns aren’t populated in Google Sheets

  • item_type
  • item_amount
  • item_quantity
  • order_currency
  • order_processor
  • order_id
  • invoice_id

When personal info is excluded the following columns aren’t populated in Google Sheets

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • ip_address
  • address_street
  • address_city
  • address_zip
  • address_country
  • shipping_address_street
  • shipping_address_city
  • shipping_address_zip
  • shipping_address_country
  • address_state
  • shipping_address_state

Please note that you can only add to spreadsheets created with ThriveCart, not existing spreadsheets in your account. This is so that they are formatted correctly.

You can reorder columns in the spreadsheet should you want to, but not rename the columns as the system uses this to know where to insert new data.

Wanting to add specific customer/order data to an existing Google Sheet not created by ThriveCart? Consider using our mutual Zapier apps to pass data to Zapier and then onto Google Sheets.

Updated on November 7, 2022

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