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Setting timed access to a course

This is a feature of Learn+

It’s not uncommon to sell access to a course or training where the student only has access for a limited time, instead of the normal ongoing commitment of a subscription.

For example, you could be selling a year’s access to training for a one-time payment, and after the year is over, you want to automatically revoke their access to the course.

Well, using Learn+’s powerful sequences, this is something you can easily set up in just a few clicks.

The walkthrough

Firstly, head over to your courses and click the ‘Edit‘ button to go into the course settings.

You can then click the button ‘Create advanced sequence‘ in the bottom of the left-hand sidebar to get started.

With Learn+ you have a wide range of different triggers that can be built out for your course. In this example as we’re wanting to trigger an action after a period of time the student has had access to the course, we’re going to choose the trigger ‘Has been enrolled for a specific period

From here, we can choose whether we want to use

  • A period of time, or
  • A number of rebills

This is extremely helpful as you may wish to trigger something after the customer has made 5 recurring payments, but instead of setting to 5-months (where they may have missed payments, or been paused), triggering by a specific number of rebills gives you the preciseness that you can need.

When using the period of time option, you can also then choose between days, weeks, months, or years.

After saving the trigger for your sequence, the next step is setting the action!

Again with Learn+, you have a number of different actions you can choose based on triggers, and in this case, we’re wanting to revoke access to the course they’re part of. So we’ll choose ‘Remove from course

You can then select the course you want to remove them from.

Finally, saving your sequence will give you a summary of the details, allowing you to check to make sure everything is all ok.

You can delete or edit this as needed.

Further example

It’s worth remembering that with Sequences, they’re an AND/OR system, allowing you to stack requirements in order for them to trigger.

You could have students with access to the same course who need to have ongoing access and don’t want to automatically revoke access after a period of time.

For example, you could have 2 different options on your checkout page, one for monthly ongoing access, and one for a one-time payment but for limited timed access. That one checkout can add students to the same course and for the customer choosing the one-time payment option, you could apply a tag to their profile to separate them from the monthly customers.

Then, in your sequence created above, we’d just need to add an AND condition to the trigger that applies to students with a tag.

So now, this trigger will only occur if the student has had access for a year AND has the tag 1yearspecial.

Updated on April 4, 2022

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