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Importing students into Learn

You’ll need a Learn+ account to use this feature

If you’re looking to import existing students into your course(s) set up within Learn, you can do this really easily either via a CSV or direct from your connected autoresponder.

To import students into your Learn dashboard, simply head over to your My students tab in Learn.

Then at the bottom of this page, you’ll have the option to import students.

Clicking the button, you’ll be presented with a popup of a list of your courses which you can then select which of these the imported students will have access to.

You’ll then choose if you’re going to upload a CSV or import from a connected autoresponder.

When importing from a CSV, the CSV needs to have 2 columns with the specific headers name and email. If there are columns with different names, they will be ignored.

Next, after selecting the the CSV (or autoresponder list) the system will look to import the students into your dashboard.

Importing students can take some time.
When importing students, they will be added to a queue. Depending on the volume of students you’re importing, this queue can take some time to process. You don’t need to remain on this screen and can continue in your account as normal.

Student email notification

When importing a student, they’ll be sent an email from the platform confirming their access to your course(s) you’ve imported them into. This email will include the author name along side the course name so there is no confusion for your students.

The email address these notifications come from is accounts@thrivecart.net
The ‘From’ name will be your author name in their inbox.

When the student clicks the ‘Click here to log in’ link, they’ll be taken to a page where they can complete their account setup, which includes setting a password.

Your students will be logging in at your dedicated course/student area. This is where the link in their email takes them to. You can find course login URLs from your course list by hovering over the […] menu icon on your courses.

Students do not login at thrivecart.com to access your course content.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team.

Updated on May 31, 2022

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