The team over at Pabbly have built a basic integration with ThriveCart and you can find more information on this here

Right now, it appears they support ‘new sales’ as a trigger, so if you would like to see them support more events, you’d want to reach out to their support/feature request area.

Example of possible additional notifications they could support (based on our webhook notifications) are:

  • order.refund
  • cart.abandoned
  • order.subscription_payment
  • order.subscription_cancelled
  • order.subscription_paused
  • order.subscription_resumed
  • order.rebill_failed
  • affiliate.commission_earned
  • affiliate.commission_payout
  • affiliate.commission_refund

Please note that we do not manage this integration ourselves, any support questions would need to be directed to Pabbly directly.

Updated on April 4, 2022

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