Managing your checkouts SEO settings

Your ThriveCart checkouts have a range of SEO options available, including the ability to: Set the page title Set page description Set the page’s Favicon Allow search engine to index your pages Setting a social media share image (what’s pulled through when sharing your checkout URL on popular social media […]


ThriveCart easily integrates with Sendy so that you can add or remove contacts to your different lists based on the various behaviour rules in your account. Below you can watch the video we include in your account when integrating with Sendy on where to get your API key and how to […]

LifterLMS – Integration setup

This video walks you through integrating your LifterLMS site with ThriveCart. Please note that the fields it references related to the fields beneath this video in your Settings > Integrations > Membership Platforms > LifterLMS area. The LifterLMS integration requires you to be running LifterLMS 3.39.0 or higher on your site. The […]

Membership integration trouble shooting

When integrating with 3rd-party platforms, there is always a possibility that something from outside of ThriveCart may impact the integration. A plugin update, change of site URL, firewall, etc, could all potentially have an impact on your membership integration. Below we look at the most common membership integration issues we […]

Adding a Countdown timer to your checkout (scarcity)

Scarcity marketing is a great way to get your customers to take action. A common form of scarcity marketing is a countdown timer letting your customers know they only have a certain amount of time to act before the offer goes away. With ThriveCart you’ll be pleased to know you can easily add […]

Just signed up? Watch this first.

We just wanted to offer you a quick welcome to the platform and to help you get up and running as quickly as possible, we’ve created this video that will walk you through your first steps after creating your ThriveCart account. So grab yourself a coffee and check out this […]

Triggering your modal cart using Elementor Pro

Elementor is a very popular WordPress plugin for building pages and theme and using Elementor Pro, you can easily trigger your popup checkouts to appear on your site. Please note that the free version of Elementor doesn’t support the ability to add custom attributes to your elements which are needed […]

Sharing checkout (and funnel) designs

ThriveCart offers vendors the ability to easily create beautiful high-converting checkout pages, upsell pages, and success pages, all directly within our easy to use editor. Where other platforms restrict you to choose from a range of pre-made designs from years ago and rarely update them (or offer you the same […]

Adding terms & conditions to your checkout page

ThriveCart allows you to add a mandatory checkbox to your checkout pages which the customer need to accept before their order can be processed. This is helpful if you’re wanting to have an agreement (terms and conditions) that your customers must confirm before they can purchase. With this terms and […]

Collecting customer details at checkout

ThriveCart lets you choose how little or how much information about a customer you collect at the checkout. The least amount of information will be the customer’s email address, but you can collect things like their name, business name, address (with variations), phone number, and even custom information. All of […]