ThriveCart easily integrates with Moosend so that you can add or remove contacts to your different lists based on the various behaviour rules in your account. Below you can watch the video we include in your account when integrating with Moosend on where to get your API key. Our integration […]

Creating a funnel and upsell pages

After creating your products within ThriveCart, you’re often going to want to look at setting up a funnel and adding upsells to offer your customers and their purchase. This can be done with just a few clicks and either from when you’ve saved your product settings by clicking the customise […]

Automated affiliate commissions & payouts

Smart automation in your business is a great way to free up your time to spend on things that matter to you, whether that’s personal time, or growing your company. Removing a lot of the manual tasks and setting up automations to handle them, provides that flexibility to you. In […]

Setting customer payment notifications

Our mission at ThriveCart is to help you save time, whilst increasing revenue. One of the powerful features we offer within the platform is the ability to send your customers a fully formatted invoice for the payment (default). This removes the need for a 3rd-party invoicing platform for the high […]

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA/PSD2)

Starting from September 14th 2019, there’s a new regulation coming into effect for European customers which will impact online sales – Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), part of the new PSD2 regulations. It means that for every individual payment the customer makes, they may have to go through two-step authentication to […]

Setting your financial year

Being a global platform, we understand not every country or business has the same start dates for their financial year. When viewing important statistics, you will often want to quickly and easily filter based on your actual financial year and your previous financial year. Under your Settings > Account-wide settings […]

Setting your products invoice receipts

When your customer goes through your funnel and completes a successful order, they’ll be sent a payment notification for their order. ThriveCart allows you to choose between two types of notifications on a product by product basis. By default, the system will send an invoice receipt to your customers after […]

Facebook – Creating a retargeting audience

Facebook makes it really easy to retarget potential customers who have visited your checkout page but decided not to purchase. By using the power of Facebook and retargeting adverts, you can attempt to recover those potentially lost sales and convert more people into paying customers. You could even use the […]

Analytics and tracking for affiliates

As an affiliate, we know it’s important to understand and track the results of your promotions. Which is why you can add your own unique tracking codes as your referred customers go through the checkout funnel*. *Note; this is subject to the vendor allowing this option to their affiliates. To […]

Automatically fulfilling your bonuses

As an affiliate, it’s very common to offer bonuses or incentives to customers for purchasing through your affiliate link and as an affiliate promoting products being sold by vendors using the ThriveCart platform, you can automatically provide access and details of your bonus to your referred customers after they’ve purchased*. […]