Setting up multiple partners on a product

Not all partnerships are between two people. There may be times where you collaborate on a project with multiple partners, or you may have multiple products in your funnel supplied by different partners and they only earn revenue from their associated upsells. ThriveCart lets you create multiple contracts on the same product, […]

Your partners dashboard

After setting up a contract with your partner, we’ll send them an email with their account details where they can log in, accept the contract and view the statistics, transactions, and revenue payouts for it. If the partner does not have an existing account under the email used, then when […]

Contracts behaviour rules

Your contracts area also comes with its own powerful behaviour rules system which lets you trigger events based on various behaviours around your contracts. Some example rules you can set: Tagging a partner in your autoresponder when they agree/decline a contract. Firing a webhook when a contract expires Sending notification […]

The partner revenue payouts area

The payouts area under your JV Contracts dashboard, lets you easily review overdue, due, and upcoming payments for your partners, along with the ability to view any existing paid payments. You can also search for payments for specific partners, using different currencies, products and time periods. You can also pay […]

Creating a contract

In this article, we’re going to look at creating a contract with your partner(s). The actual process is very quick and easy and can be set-up in just a few clicks through the system. But if you’re unsure about part of the process, you can refer to our article below. […]

What are JV Contracts & Revenue sharing

JV Contracts and revenue sharing is a whole independent method of splitting sales revenue with 1 or more people, separate from affiliate commissions. If you have a JV Contract with a partner and affiliates promoting your product, then your affiliates will earn their commission from the sale amount first, then […]

Creating a “free plus shipping” offer

A free plus shipping offer is a great way to bring buyers in and help grow a list of verified customers you can later market to. More so than a simple opt-in list, as these are people who have proven themselves that they are happy to actually put money down […]

Fulfillment by Kunaki

After integrating with Kunaki via your account’s Settings> Integrations > Fulfillment services you can set up your products shipping options to have your product automatically fulfilled by them. Orders will appear in your Kunaki account ~1 minute after they complete through your ThriveCart checkout. If you have funds available in your Kunaki […]

Setting your physical fulfilment (shipping options)

After your customer purchases your product, you’re going to want to fulfil this order and get it sent out. ThriveCart integrates with various automatic fulfilment methods, but you can also manually fulfil your orders. See our article here for a list of the different services we integrate with. Setting your […]

Can I issue refunds directly within my payment processor?

ThriveCart gives you the tools and flexibility to handle all your refunding from directly within the system. You can find more about issuing refunds on transactions here. If you circumvent the system and act directly within your payment processor, we cannot guarantee that every relevant action will trigger and report […]