• Content Dripping with Learn

    In this article we look at the different ways you can drip content to students with Learn.

  • Importing students into Learn

    In this article we look at the process of importing students into your course(s) within Learn

  • Understanding Tags in Learn

    In this article we look at Tags within Learn and how they work to restrict access to content in courses for your students.

  • Setting timed access to a course

    Looking to give limited timed access to content then automatically revoke access? Learn how with Learn+ here.

  • Course dashboard customization

    In this article we look at how you can customize your students main dashboard page they see when logged in.

  • Custom domains for your courses

    By default, your course content will show on the same domain as your checkout pages, so if you’re using the standard ThriveCart domain for your checkout URLs, your courses will be available at either of the following URLs youraccount.thrivecart.com/l/course-name/ youraccount and course-name would be based on your domain and course…

  • Your Course Design & Content Layout

    ThriveCart’s Learn offers you 3 highly flexible and customizable layouts for your course content. We offer the following layouts; Sidebar Top Menu Grid (page) Each of these layouts allows you to choose how your content is delivered to your students. Layouts are unique to the course, so you can mix…