What is the Client License?

When purchasing ThriveCart you’ll have the option to upgrade to the client account. But what is this upgrade and what does it provide?

In this article, we’re going to break it down into more depth so you can make that decision.

The client account is an upgrade to your normal standard license which provides you with additional functionality and benefits for your account.

These benefits include:

  1.  The authority to sell your clients products through your account.
  2. The ability to create additional user logins with various levels of permissions and access. Great for giving clients or staff limited access to your account.
  3. The ability to set an ‘owner’ of a product in your account (so specific business information is included in the products receipts).
  4. Download sales tax reports for specific users.
  5. The ability to remove ThriveCart branding from your checkout’s footer.
  6. Set up a custom domain so you can use a subdomain on a website you own which will be using instead of acc.thrivecart.com/ in your checkout page URLs

The client license does not provide:

  • The authority to resell access. This is not a reseller account. You may charge your clients a fee for your service and time. But it’s not a reseller account.
  • Multiple subdomains. Each ThriveCart license is a single subdomain. The client account is an upgrade for your license from the standard license to the client license.
  • Multiple custom domains.
  • The ability for sub-users to create/duplicate products. This is expected by you as providing a service to your clients.
  • Client access to the affiliate area. Whilst you can enable affiliate promotion on their products, and this can be autonomous (automatic approval and automatic payouts) any manual tasks will be required as part of  your service to your client, should you wish to provide it.

1 – The authority to sell your clients products.

The standard ThriveCart license gives you the authority to sell any number of products that you own, or belong to businesses you run.

If you’re wanting to sell products through your account on behalf of clients then you will need to purchase the client account upgrade.

2 – Additional user logins

As part of the client account upgrade, you can create additional user access to your account. Each user can have their own individual permissions and access rights. Giving you the ability to have some users with more control than others.

We have a training article here on creating user logins and the different options available to you.

This allows you to have users who can have access to specific products, and if enabled access to those stats, transactions, and more.

This also takes into account integration with Zapier. Should you client connect their Zapier account with ThriveCart, they will only be able to create Zaps for the products they have permission to access.

3 – Setting an owner of a product

This is separate to assigning a product to a user in their setup as this determines who ‘owns’ the product and where things like sales notifications would be sent and also if enabled, what business address information is used in the receipts.

This is helpful if you need to give access to a user (a staff member, for example), but want to retain ownership of the product yourself, so that your business information is used in the receipt and your email receives the sales notifications.

You can also use this if you have multiple businesses yourself and want to have more personalization over the receipts. Simply create a new ‘user’ as your second business and then assign that user as the owner. That business information will be used in that products receipts and that email will then receive sales notifications for that product.

4 – Custom tax reports

Whilst in the transactions area you can already download filtered transaction data based on products, ThriveCart also provides the ability to download the tax reports on a per user basis. So if you have a client that is collecting sales tax and they need a break down of the collected taxes you can quickly and easily download a custom report for them.

5 – Remove ThriveCart branding

We have an article on this here as well. But quite simply the client license provides the ability to remove the ThriveCart branding from the footer of your check out templates.

6 – Custom domain

The custom domain feature will allow you to set a subdomain on your website to point to your ThriveCart domain. This will make it appear that your carts are hosted on your own website. For example, you could have https://cart.yourwebsite.com/product-name/ be used instead of https://youracc.thrivecart.com/product-name/

If you have any further questions around the Client License or would like to upgrade your account, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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