MemberPress requirements

Since adding integration with MemberPress, the support team have had questions around the integration, most notably;

Can I use the basic version of MemberPress with ThriveCart

Limitations from MemberPress require users to own the developer edition or higher (these are now known as MemberPress Plus and MemberPress Pro).

The Basic version of MemberPress does not include an important add-on integration; Developer Tools

Without this MemberPress provided add-on, third-party services (like ourselves) are not able to make use of key technologies required to complete tasks like sending your customers details to your site, automatically creating their accounts and assigning access to the products they’ve bought.

There are some other requirements in order for the MemberPress integration to work and these are not related to the version required by MemberPress;

Our MemberPress integration video walks you through the setup process. It’s available within your ThriveCart account when you add a MemberPress site and also here in the help desk.

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