Setting your after order success/thank you page

Your success page is the final step your customer goes to after completing their purchase. This is typically a thank you page acknowledging their decision to buy from you and also to give further details about their purchase. By default, ThriveCart has 2 built-in success pages which will dynamically generate content […]

Custom fields

Custom fields are a great way to capture unique information from your customers. Offering a service and want to reach out to your client via Skype? Not a problem. Simply create a custom field for your checkout page asking for their Skype ID. The great news is that ThriveCart makes […]

Adding terms & conditions

You can easily add a compulsory checkbox that your customers have to agree to before they can purchase your product. With this terms and conditions box, you can either Enter your terms and conditions directly within the box Enter a URL to a custom web page with your terms and […]

Setting your carts language

ThriveCart’s powerful translation system allows you to create your own custom translations across the platform for your customers. We have native support for 10 languages, however, using the custom translations area, you can create or tweak your carts checkout as you need for your audience. The 10 base languages supported: […]

Your products ‘box shot’

Several of the cart templates allow you to add a box or product shot that will display on your checkout page to your customer. You can easily add a product image to your cart by clicking on the Checkout tab and then going to the Customize tab in your products […]

Adding testimonials

Adding testimonials to your checkout page is a great way to give social proof of your product and help build trust with your potential customer. Based on the template you choose you may have the option to add one or more testimonials to your products checkout page. To see if […]

Collecting customer information

With ThriveCart we let you choose how little* or how much of your customers information you wish to collect. You can collect as little as just their email address, or as much as their business name, full name, email, address, phone number, and custom information. You can set all of […]

Setting your logo & header

Different templates use difference sized images for the headers and we often get asked; “what is the best size image to use for the header?” Below you will see details for each template and the idea header image size and any notes for each. Remember: The header image is used throughout […]

Choosing your template

ThriveCart has a range of templates that you can use for your shopping cart. We have a range of templates available including one-step, two-step, pop-up and embeddable templates that you can choose from. To set the template style for your product when creating or editing your product settings, you simply […]

Finding your customers & transactions

If you’re needing to look up a specific transaction or a customer to view their details you can do this from within the transactions area in ThriveCart. This area holds all the information about the payments your customers have made and your customers themselves. We can access the transactions area […]